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Project 3- Evaluation of Television Channel Identity

After completing my final motion graphics project it is important to evaluate the work I have created for my television channel identity. My idea was to update the existing QVC television channel and make it into a sophisticated and popular way to shop, whilst also focusing in on selling women’s shoes instead of hundreds of different products. I also wanted to include my logo in the programme to promote my shoe brand.

My first idea was a black a white image, using the original high-heel image from my Logo. I researched a variety of different fonts, and found the Cambria font; which was curly, feminine and classic. My feedback told me that this worked well with my project proposal; however the high-heel image was too obvious and un-interesting for a television channel. I was advised to remove the high-heel as if I wanted to expand the channel into other areas of women’s consumerism e.g. make-up, fashion or skin care, then the shoe image would be too simple. Although I disagreed with this point, as I wanted it to be just footwear, I decided to remove the shoe image and use the text ‘your fashion and footwear channel.’ My feedback told me that this worked well and the use of the word ‘you’ brought a personal touch to the channel.

At this point, I started experimenting with colour, as the black and white was too harsh and wasn’t complimenting the sophisticated look I wanted. I looked into colours that felt expensive and luxury and asked for feedback on the colour purple and maroon. They told me that the purple was feminine and enticing, and would look good on the television, but the maroon was too dark and uninspiring. I was happy with my colours and font but had to start thinking about animation and graphics that would sit well with my theme. I began experimenting with graphic effects to move the text, and found that they were all too comic and complicated for what I wanted. In class we were being taught how to make text ripple as part of a curtain effect and I thought that the whole concept of using a curtain would relate to the luxury, sexy theme I wanted, whilst also created a ‘revealing’ like effect for the new channel. My feedback agreed with this and I began creating the displacement maps and experimenting with pre-composed layers to make this effect ripple the text as well.

As this was my final project, I wanted to try and show how I had developed my skills by incorporating music into the channel, almost like a theme tune. I used a website called and spent a long time playing the various tunes alongside my graphics to see which fitted. I also researched the audio used on existing channels and found that they were quite simple, with no lyrics (so the narrator can introduce the programme) but also were quite catchy and memorable. The audio I chose was called ‘too damn funky’ and was jazzy with an up-beat chat show type feel. I think this was flirty and sophisticated and brought the text and the graphics together well.

After I had added the music, my feedback told me that it was missing something, and needed an image or a different colour. I re-added the shoe image, but reduced the size considerably and changed the tagline to black and was told that this was a nice finishing touch to the channel. I applied a simple text movement to bring the tagline in from the left and was happy with my final adjustments.

Overall I think my final project shows a development in graphics ability and understanding throughout my course. Although short, I feel that it complies to the brief and shows and ability to take on feedback and criticism and use it constructively. I think a strength in my final project would be that it has a more professional appeal than my other projects, and that I have experimented with audio shows my progression. I think the flaws in my work is the lack of more complex graphics and effects, however I hope this would develop with more practice in Adobe After Effects. Overall I think I have created 3 successful projects and have enjoyed gaining knowledge and understanding in this motion graphics module.

Developing Project- Adding Audio


As this is my final project, I wanted to challenge myself and add audio to my project. This is something that I did not want to include in my other programmes because firstly my logo was a shoe brand and I didn’t think it was necessary to add audio, and secondly web banners very rarely have audio as users find it irritating when they are online and automatically mute the advert. However, all television channel graphics have music or audio of some kind, from their own jingles or even the narrator speaking introducing the programme. I wanted a piece of audio that would reflect my sassy, sophisticated ethos and be smooth enough to work with the rippling curtain effect. On I started listening to various types of audio to find what I had in mind. Something that my feedback told me would work well is a piece of classical music. I tried this and although it was sophisticated it was too dull and uninspiring to grab an audiences attention. I bared this in mind and thought of using saxophone music, as this is classic yet still up beat. I listened to some pieces of music and found one saxophone piece called ‘too damn funky’, and after asking for feedback it proved to fit my televison identity well. Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 16.53.28

After downloading my audio I had to include it into my Adobe After Effects composition. Firstly I imported the audio file onto my timeline at the position that I wanted it to be heard. I then exported the finished project as a SWF/Macromedia Flash compostion at a JPEG quality of 6. I then had to rasterize the audio and ticked the boxes so it looped continuously. This compressed the audio onto my project and played throughout the visuals.

Experimenting with Curtain Effects


When experimenting in Adobe After Effects I found an interesting effect. This curtain effect ripples underneath the text and creates a luxurious almost tempting feel. I started experimenting with colour whilst changing the tones and lighting of the curtain to make it appear more textured. The reason I chose this effect to experiment with was because it worked well with the idea of introducing a television programme at the beginning of the show, as its almost like waiting for the curtain to rise like in a theatre.

T0 create the curtain effect I had to first make a precomposed layer and change the colour correction/hue and saturation levels to zero. This then created a black and white layer. I then wanted the text on top to ripple with the curtain so it looked like one movement, and to do this I used displacement mapping and played with the evolution to make the effect slower. To then get the colour over my black and white layer, I duplicated the layer and placed it over the top.

Adobe After Effects- Developing My Channel


The previous white background was too bright and not common of a television channel, as it doesn’t attract audiences therefore I began looking for feedback. I found that the most popular colours for my audience are colours that are related to sophistication, sexyness, and luxury. Purple is also a colour that is related with royalty therefore this can represent my shopping channel as expensive and a higher-class. The purple is also feminine which is key for selling to women.

Developing My Idea


This was my first visual representation of how I want my television channel to look. The font I have chosen to use is a clear, classic and sophisticated, Cambria font which I want to reflect and attract my target audience. The shoe image, is an image that I created for my project 1 logo, and I wanted to use it here as the silhoutte creates a flat but sexy look. This is only a basic start to my project, however from here I can develop my ideas.