Researching QVC

QVC is a multinational corporation specializing in televised home shopping. The channel broadcasts in five countries as QVC US, QVC UK, QVC Germany, QVC Japan and QVC Italy to 200 million households.
The name itself stands for Quality, Value, Convenience and works by selling products at competitive prices and decreasing their prices as the programme goes on.

Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 14.26.05

Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 14.26.50

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Researching Television Channels

To get an understanding of how television channels use motion graphics for the brand, I started researching current and recognisable graphics that are used in everyday televison.

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BBC THREE bbc3-logo


CHANNEL 5 channel5bumper

Project 3 Proposal- A television channel identity

Project 3 Proposal

For my third and final project, I have chosen to create a television channel identity. To continue my shoe theme across the final project I will be thinking of ways that I can use existing television channels and re-create them to fit my ideas and concepts surrounding women’s shoes. Television has converged in so many ways during the rise in new technologies, and audiences no longer have just the main channels, e.g. BBC,ITV, CHANNEL4 and CHANNEL 5, there are now hundreds of extra channels, plus 1 channels, SKY and Freeview channels. This channels have also been extended to online channels, including on demand channels where viewers can catch up with any television they have missed.

The Idea:

For my final project idea, I wanted to work with a channel that wasn’t as obvious as the 5 main channels, but also was relevant to my shoe theme. I began looking at shopping television channels and realised that there were so many, but none that were just focused on selling one product. QVC is a home shopping television channel that broadcasts in 5 countries to million of households and has been running and selling products for years. The QVC initials stand for Quality, Value and Convenience, however I wanted to re-create this identity into a more classy and sophisticated one, yet still holding onto the recognisable letters. I want to create a new programme identity for QVC that focuses on selling women’s footwear and turns QVC into a current and fashionable way to shop.

Target Audience:

My target audience will be the same as for all my other shoe products, women aged 18-25, who are busy, intelligent career-minded women who enjoy fashion and buying shoes. However as this will be a television channel, the audience can also be extended to viewers who want to buy from the programme for these women, e.g. husbands, mothers etc but they are not going to be my focus as it is not something they would switch on.

Links to Other Modules:

As part of my Gender, Sexuality and popular culture module, we study targeting different genders, and how different discourses about gender are portrayed. Women enjoying shoes and having a huge shoe collection is a stereotype of women that most live up to and this is something that my products are adhering to.  In this module we also focus on popular culture which includes television and audiences which is something that my television channel will relate to.

Presentation & Display:

My channel identity will be presented on the QVC Freeview channel and will be shown during the opening titles of the programmes, at the beginning and end of each break, and advertised during the adverts. The programme itself is a 24 hour programme therefore the graphics will be shown constantly.

Personal Time Schedule:

Date Tasks   to complete
Week   9
  •   Idea chosen, sketches drawn up
  •   Research
  •   Channel ideas   created
  •   Designs/fonts/colours
  •   Develop Adobe After   Effects
  •   Continue Blog
Week   10
  •   More complex work in After Effects
  •   Bring together ideas
  •   Presentation
  •   Continue Blog
Week   11
  •   Finish Television Channel
  •   Review Work
  •   Evaluate

Evaluation- Project 2 Web Banner

After completing my second project-the web banner I needed to complete a short evaluation on my work and write up the strengths and weaknesses of my final piece. This was my second project and therefore I had gained some basic knowledge in Adobe After Effects that I applied to this project. At the very start I had a group of sketches and ideas that were all very much undecided and not finalised. This allowed me to explore many techniques and effects, instead of focusing on one idea and sticking to it. My first idea was very complex and involved using a figure to walk across the camera in one pair of shoes, and then in the editing process change each pair of shoes on each step. I started to create the footage and realised quickly that trying to get the figure to walk in the same way each time was proving difficult and looked disjointed. Because of this, my idea then simplified to changing the colour instead of the shoe and this would be done at the editing stages. However, the footage was not long enough to look like a web banner, and it still looked very amateur and I was not happy with it at this stage.

My second idea, was to create a stop-motion, because this allowed me to have more control over the images. I started experimenting with animating the shoes, and created three mini stop-motions. The first one was where the shoes moved as if someone was walking in them, however it looked too comical and ghostly instead of a classy fashion advertisement. The second was a line up of shoes spinning and rotating as if they were in a display cabinet. This looked classic and simple, however my feedback told me it would not work for my target audience. My third stop-motion was a mini black and white narrative of a pair of shoes climbing out of the shoe box and running across the screen, however again it was too comical and less focus was on the website.

At this point I gathered all of what I had found from my previous experiments and decided that to present the shoes at their best, and to keep it simplistic and classy I should make a stop-motion where the shoes move in a cat walk like line, across the top of the screen, whilst pulling along the text ‘if the shoe fits, buy it in every colour’ thus complimenting the various colours in the shoes. From here, I created my stop-motion and edited the images using batch resizing, hue/saturation colour corrections, lighting and shadowing in Photoshop and then imported them into Adobe After Effects. At this point I encountered a problem, as the footage was square shape, and in order for it to become a web banner it needed to be rectangular. By increasing the size of the images it simply made them pixelated and zoomed in on instead of longer. To overcome this, I duplicated the sequence of images twice and lined them up next to eachother. This increased the physical length however, provided me with another problem. Because there were three sets of sequences playing at one time, the shoes weren’t flowing from one to the next, instead the shoes were running into each other which meant some appeared as half of a shoe and some didn’t match up. I thought hard about how I could resolve this without ruining what I had already produced, and found something called a reverse effect. This meant that one set of sequence could go one way and the reverse layer could go the other, thus not ‘bumping’ into each other. Then by adding the text and web address my web banner looked fluent and simplistic.

As part of my evaluation, it is important to think about all the problems and difficulties I have faced, and therefore I have produced a summary table of how I overcame each problem.

Screen shot 2012-12-05 at 15.59.04

In summary I think that my web banner successful represents my website idea and is colourful and clear and classic enough for my target audience without being over complicated. I think by starting with so many ideas originally it enabled me to change and re-think my ideas instead of rushing into one. I think the weaknesses in my work may be the technical ability, however as this is only my second attempt at using Adobe After Effects, I feel that what I have produced is reflective of this. I hope to continue learning and experimenting with different software for my third and final project, whilst collaborating all of what I have learnt throughout this module.

Developing Stop-Motion- Using Reverse Effects

As illustrated in the previous post, the footage was running into other and making it look disjointed and unprofessional. To overcome this, I started experimenting with a different effect; reversing. This allowed me to manipulate the footage into moving in two separate directions. The first footage runs normally and then I used Final Cut Pro to reverse the second before importing into Adobe After Effects. From my feedback I was told that this looked much better and allowed the images to be seen clearly whilst providing room for text at the end of the animation. Here are some screen shots of my final idea.

Screen shot 2012-12-05 at 13.56.02

Developing Stop-Motion Idea

From previous attempts of ideas that didn’t work i had now decided that the stop-motion technique is something that best suited my web banner vision. I took a 3rd batch of photographs in the sequence that I wanted and then followed this process to prepare the images.

1. Firstly, I resized my images in photoshop to reflect the size of my composition window by using the website This meant that i did not have to individually alter each photograph, and that it would resize all of them.

2. Secondly, I renamed all the images into a number sequence so they would be read easily from start to end.

3. Thirdly, I then created a new composition in Adobe After Effects and imported my stop-motion and dragged it into the window. This produced one layer, where each image lasted for one frame, so the whole animation was very fast.

4. I then had to make it slower by using time remapping and adding keyframes to each individual frame.

5. Then, because my footage wasn’t long enough to fit the size guidelines of a web banner, I duplicated the footage and placed them next to each other to allow the banner to be extended.

Screen Shot 2012-11-23 at 13.34.36

This was an effect that I thought would work really well at the top of a website as it would run across the screen, grabbing the users attention, however I faced a problem at this stage. Because I was using multiple footage the shoes were running into eachother, and therefore the first shoe was entering the second screen and conflicting with the next shoe on the first. Here is a screen shot of what I am describing. You can see the brown shoe and the orange shoe are clashing into each other and this clashing continues throughout the animation.

Screen Shot 2012-11-23 at 13.42.41