Start of Project 2- Web Banner Proposal

The Idea:

My idea for my web banner is to continue the theme of shoes from my first project and create an advertisement for a website (maybe including my previous logo). My web banner will be one of the possible 3 ideas.

  1. a women walking in high-heels across the banner and with each step her shoes changed colour.
  2. a women walking in high-heels across the banner and with each step her shoes change to a different pair.
  3. a block of text and 3 different shoes moving onto the screen, followed by text and a web address.
  4. a stop-motion animation of shoes in a line, moving off screen one by one.

The web banner will read, “If the shoe fits, buy it in every colour”

 Target Audience:

My target audience for this project will be the same as my first project. Women aged 20-25, who are interested in fashion, current trends and seasons and most importantly enjoy buying shoes. The women I am targeting will be busy career-minded individuals, who would want to wear my brand at work, round the office and when socialising. They will also be women who are actively using websites and are competent users of technology include shopping online and email.

Links to Other Modules:

The idea of my web banner is based around consumerism and this is something that links to other modules that I am studying.

Theorising Media & Culture

Advertising shoes and fashion can be related to mass culture, discourse and gender. This module also delves into mythology and the theorising of signs and meanings which can be applied to the promotion of fashion. An image of a high-heeled shoe can be presented as a sign with a particular meaning, including femininity, power, sexy women and dominance and these together create an ethos that I want my web banner to present. The idea of powerful women link to a second module of mine..

Gender, sexuality and Popular Culture

The concept of targeting women online will encourage women to embrace their femininity and by advertising sexy confident women in my web banner I can find some connections to this module.

Presentation & Display:

I want my web banner to be displayed on women’s fashion sites, shoe websites and hotmail accounts. I want to make sure it is being seen by my target audience and not being advertised in unsuitable sites e.g. men’s fashion. I want my banner to be horizontal and placed on the very top of the website so it’s the first thing that catches the eye when women first enter the site.

Personal Time Schedule:

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 14.08.21