Project 1 Logo – Evaluation

After completing my first Logo project, I needed to complete a short evaluation on my work and write up the strengths and weaknesses of my final piece. As this was my very first project and my first experience with using Adobe After-Effects CS6, the work I have produced is quite simplistic, however, this is something that I wanted my logo to represent when first creating my brand ethos. My logo was a design for a female high-heel shoe brand and after having numerous feedback sessions I decided on the name ‘New Heights’ and felt that this was a name that worked by representing the physical high of the shoe, plus the feeling you get from wearing them. The tagline that originally followed the logo’s name was, ‘a different level of footwear’ however my feedback recommended changing different to new, as by repeating the ‘new’ it sounded more fluent and memorable. I think the name and tagline worked well towards representing my brand as a new and sophisticated shoe brand.

In terms of the image of the high-heel shoe I used, I think the logo would have looked more interesting if I’d used a more flamboyant, bold and eye-catching print or design, however from previous examples, my feedback told me that the more complicated and daring the image was, the less sophisticated and classic it became. Therefore, the black classic stiletto worked well in terms of my brief. The script font that I used complimented the classic theme, however could be seen as too simplistic.

In terms of animating the Logo, my skills were basic however I made the text move across the screen with faded effects, followed by the tagline, and added a lens flare to the heel to bring it to light and include the still image within the logo. An area where I think I could have improved my Logo, was to add audio as I think it could have finished off the logo and grabbed my audiences attention, however this is something that may still be added into my project as my knowledge and understanding of Adobe After Effects grows.

I think my first project was an overall success in terms of the image, the fonts and the effects that I used; however, with increased knowledge of the software, audio and more confidence in applying and experimenting with different animation presets and tools, I could improve this project and therefore produce further projects which are more complex and technologically sophisticated.