Project 3 Proposal- A television channel identity

Project 3 Proposal

For my third and final project, I have chosen to create a television channel identity. To continue my shoe theme across the final project I will be thinking of ways that I can use existing television channels and re-create them to fit my ideas and concepts surrounding women’s shoes. Television has converged in so many ways during the rise in new technologies, and audiences no longer have just the main channels, e.g. BBC,ITV, CHANNEL4 and CHANNEL 5, there are now hundreds of extra channels, plus 1 channels, SKY and Freeview channels. This channels have also been extended to online channels, including on demand channels where viewers can catch up with any television they have missed.

The Idea:

For my final project idea, I wanted to work with a channel that wasn’t as obvious as the 5 main channels, but also was relevant to my shoe theme. I began looking at shopping television channels and realised that there were so many, but none that were just focused on selling one product. QVC is a home shopping television channel that broadcasts in 5 countries to million of households and has been running and selling products for years. The QVC initials stand for Quality, Value and Convenience, however I wanted to re-create this identity into a more classy and sophisticated one, yet still holding onto the recognisable letters. I want to create a new programme identity for QVC that focuses on selling women’s footwear and turns QVC into a current and fashionable way to shop.

Target Audience:

My target audience will be the same as for all my other shoe products, women aged 18-25, who are busy, intelligent career-minded women who enjoy fashion and buying shoes. However as this will be a television channel, the audience can also be extended to viewers who want to buy from the programme for these women, e.g. husbands, mothers etc but they are not going to be my focus as it is not something they would switch on.

Links to Other Modules:

As part of my Gender, Sexuality and popular culture module, we study targeting different genders, and how different discourses about gender are portrayed. Women enjoying shoes and having a huge shoe collection is a stereotype of women that most live up to and this is something that my products are adhering to.  In this module we also focus on popular culture which includes television and audiences which is something that my television channel will relate to.

Presentation & Display:

My channel identity will be presented on the QVC Freeview channel and will be shown during the opening titles of the programmes, at the beginning and end of each break, and advertised during the adverts. The programme itself is a 24 hour programme therefore the graphics will be shown constantly.

Personal Time Schedule:

Date Tasks   to complete
Week   9
  •   Idea chosen, sketches drawn up
  •   Research
  •   Channel ideas   created
  •   Designs/fonts/colours
  •   Develop Adobe After   Effects
  •   Continue Blog
Week   10
  •   More complex work in After Effects
  •   Bring together ideas
  •   Presentation
  •   Continue Blog
Week   11
  •   Finish Television Channel
  •   Review Work
  •   Evaluate