Research-Existing Retail Logo’s

To get a foundation layer around logo’s I first need to research existing logo’s and look at what makes a logo, how logo’s vary and how they represent their brand.

High Street Logo’s

Online Retail Logo’s


Research- Media Representations

The image of a shoe is something that is used frequently in other areas of media because of its wide range of meanings and representations. By researching these images I can understand how and why the shoe image is used, whilst being able to justify using similar images in my logo. I will also complete a mini analysis on each image whilst comparing the similarities between each text. The following images are all taken from popular book covers..

The Devil Wears Prada

The use of the shoe in this image represents power and dominance, whilst also representing the brand Prada. A red high-heel can sometimes be red as ‘trashy’ and promiscuous however with the use of the reflection and burgundy light on the heel it creates an important and sophisticated image. The mini trident heel is a direct link to the characters in the book/film. The use of this heel creates a sexy, dominant and almost dangerous image all of which can be linked to my Logo.

John Locke Thriller’s

These book covers all feature the image of women’s legs in high-heels. The use of silhouette is something that I want to use in my logo as it adds another mysterious dimension to an image, like something is being hidden or shouldn’t really be seen. Again the footwear is a high-heel because it portrays sexy, dangerous, dominant women which is what i want my brand ethos to be. Similar to the ‘devil wears prada’ cover, the heel is the focus and the use of black gives it a sophisticated and classy feel.

Bared to You

This book followed the success of ’50 shades of grey’ and again we can see the focus is on the point of the heel. This cover represents the high-heel as sexy and mysterious and is laying on its side as if it has been taken off and left on the bedroom floor? Again the theme of powerful, dominant women appears and can link to my brand, whilst the use of the colour black is continued.

Throughout all three images I can see that the high-heel can be a symbol of work, e.g. the office, a symbol of fashion and catwalks/runway and finally a symbol of sex, femininity and dominance and these are all representations that I want to include in my brand.