Experimenting with Curtain Effects


When experimenting in Adobe After Effects I found an interesting effect. This curtain effect ripples underneath the text and creates a luxurious almost tempting feel. I started experimenting with colour whilst changing the tones and lighting of the curtain to make it appear more textured. The reason I chose this effect to experiment with was because it worked well with the idea of introducing a television programme at the beginning of the show, as its almost like waiting for the curtain to rise like in a theatre.

T0 create the curtain effect I had to first make a precomposed layer and change the colour correction/hue and saturation levels to zero. This then created a black and white layer. I then wanted the text on top to ripple with the curtain so it looked like one movement, and to do this I used displacement mapping and played with the evolution to make the effect slower. To then get the colour over my black and white layer, I duplicated the layer and placed it over the top.


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