Logo Development- Font Taglines

As my Logo would be moving in some way, I wanted a tagline to follow the brand name to make it look whole and professional. The taglines I created were all relevant and linked to footwear in some way and these were..

1. If the shoe fits… Wear it    2. Your Best Foot Forward     3. A different level of footwear

I took my first tagline and started to experiment with different fonts and effects in Adobe After Effects, to get an idea of how the text would look and move.

After choosing this tagline, I asked some other students whether they thought it worked with my brand idea and the feedback I recieved was that it was too cliche, and my brand should be trying to portray the opposite in the sense that it is unique and not something seen and said everyday. They also said that ‘BEST FOOT FORWARD’ sounded too business like and masculine, whilst also coming across too cliche.

This feedback led me to the final tagline ‘A DIFFERENT LEVEL OF FOOTWEAR’ which I was told suited my brand as it portrayed being over and above others at a high-end level. However, it was suggested to change the word ‘DIFFERENT’ to ‘NEW’, because different could have multiple meanings, whereas NEW represents not only the buying of new shoes but the notion that it as a new and completely current image.

I then went back to my original post on choosing a name to see which brand name would work best with my new tagline from Sky High, New Heights, Step Out, Step Perfect, Sole Star or Shoebelina.The brand name which my feedback told me would work well with the tagline was New Heights as it represents the notion of a new buy, a treat and the physical height of the heel, whilst repetiting the word ‘New’ in the tagline completes the logo and makes it flow better.

Therefore my final brand name and tagline will be ‘New Heights..a new level of footwear’


The Technical Bit-Experimenting with Adobe Effects CS6

Adobe After Effects CS6 is a sophisticated visual effects software used in motion graphics and is going to be the main programme involved in creating my Logo. Although I have used other software before to create stop-motion animations and mini films/music videos, Adobe After Effects is something I have yet to have worked with. To get a grasp of what Adobe After  Effects can do and how it works, I started playing around with green-screen footage and adding lense flares, as this is something that I think would incorporate nicely onto a logo.


I started sifting through all the effects on the software, to see what is achievable and what effect controls I could use from Keylight, including screen colours and masks. I also went on to experiment with Adobe Bridge CS6, which is another type of programme alongside After Effects that can be used to create 3D fonts and graphic backgrounds.