Developing Project- Adding Audio


As this is my final project, I wanted to challenge myself and add audio to my project. This is something that I did not want to include in my other programmes because firstly my logo was a shoe brand and I didn’t think it was necessary to add audio, and secondly web banners very rarely have audio as users find it irritating when they are online and automatically mute the advert. However, all television channel graphics have music or audio of some kind, from their own jingles or even the narrator speaking introducing the programme. I wanted a piece of audio that would reflect my sassy, sophisticated ethos and be smooth enough to work with the rippling curtain effect. On I started listening to various types of audio to find what I had in mind. Something that my feedback told me would work well is a piece of classical music. I tried this and although it was sophisticated it was too dull and uninspiring to grab an audiences attention. I bared this in mind and thought of using saxophone music, as this is classic yet still up beat. I listened to some pieces of music and found one saxophone piece called ‘too damn funky’, and after asking for feedback it proved to fit my televison identity well. Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 16.53.28

After downloading my audio I had to include it into my Adobe After Effects composition. Firstly I imported the audio file onto my timeline at the position that I wanted it to be heard. I then exported the finished project as a SWF/Macromedia Flash compostion at a JPEG quality of 6. I then had to rasterize the audio and ticked the boxes so it looped continuously. This compressed the audio onto my project and played throughout the visuals.


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