Inspiration & Collective Thoughts- Word cloud

To begin gathering all my thoughts and ideas for this Logo, I have created a word cloud from and visually it presents all the possible directions of this project.



The Light-Bulb Moment

I wanted to start a project that everyone can recognise and relate to whilst also encompassing my interests. The clothing and shoes industry is a huge area that targets millions of people each year through advertising and promotion on various platforms. Online shopping has taken over massively with the rise of technology and safe online banking and this is something that is current and could be a starting idea for my project number one…. The Logo

At this point, research and planning of clothing and shoe retailers will provide my project with a foundation knowledge about how logo’s are used in this specific industry, and where they are used most prominently.



The Very Start..

Motion Graphics is a creative subject, and for this module I have to create 3 small projects from a choice of creative platforms. The choices are an advertising banner in a webpage, a television channel identity, a logo design, a title sequence forĀ a film or an interactive display on a games console. Each project can either be linked by a specific theme or three individual pieces.

This Blog will aim to logically follow each project and provide a visual and critical log of research and ideas produced at each project stage, whilst following the development through to the final piece.

My first project will be ..The Logo