Second Idea- Stop Motion

As my first idea of the walking figure was proving difficult to produce successfully, I began experimenting with how I can incorporate my shoes into a web banner using stop-motion. These are screen shots of some of my stop-motion drafts that I created.

This mini stop-motion was making the shoes move as if someone was wearing them and walking in a line. This looked much better then the footage of the figure walking, however I wasn’t sure whether this would represent my brand ethos as it looks quite funny with the absence of the person and not classic high-fashion.

This was my second attempt, moving the shoes in a rotation, showing each angle of the shoes as if they were spinning on a stand in a display cabinet. This effect worked well, and throughout the stop-motion I kept adding a shoe after one full rotation so it kept the viewer interested and varied the animation.

Screen shot 2012-12-05 at 13.47.27


This was my third experiment, creating a mini narrative where two shoes crawl their way out of the shoe box and run along the screen. I also converted it the black and white so it gave the classic edge i wanted to portray. Although this was fun and quirky, it was more of a mini animation rather then a web banner.

All three of these ideas worked well and provided me with a foundation of ideas to develop, however none of them would be long (in length) enough to look like a web banner, as they were photograph size. So this was something I had to continue to work with.

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