Research- Existing Shoe Web Banners

This Barbie web banner is too girly and glittery for my audience, however I do like the way the shoes are laid out and the extra black banner on the left corner.


I like the colours in this web banner and the way they have co-ordinated it with the model’s dress. The font is very clear, however there is know guidance as to whether this is for a website, a brand or a promotion.


This banner is clearly for a wedding website and is something that is very niche and specific, however again I can see that simplicity and femininity is key to creating successful banners targeted towards women, whilst ensuring text and colour doesn’t clash.


These two final banners are from the same company and I like the way that they do not differ between layout, fonts and colours. It is this continuity that I think is important when switching between logo, brand , advert and web banner.



All of the above web banners have shown me that the main focus of the image is the product/shoes. The fonts are clear and feminine and there is know unnecessary text or images. Although these web banners are not moving and do not have any effects they do provide me with an understanding about layout and how to best represent my shoe brand.

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