The Technical Bit-Experimenting with Adobe Effects CS6

Adobe After Effects CS6 is a sophisticated visual effects software used in motion graphics and is going to be the main programme involved in creating my Logo. Although I have used other software before to create stop-motion animations and mini films/music videos, Adobe After Effects is something I have yet to have worked with. To get a grasp of what Adobe After  Effects can do and how it works, I started playing around with green-screen footage and adding lense flares, as this is something that I think would incorporate nicely onto a logo.


I started sifting through all the effects on the software, to see what is achievable and what effect controls I could use from Keylight, including screen colours and masks. I also went on to experiment with Adobe Bridge CS6, which is another type of programme alongside After Effects that can be used to create 3D fonts and graphic backgrounds.


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